Friday, 22 October 2010

Desisive moment

This is a desisive moment because the people in this picture are natural I have picked my fame and they are the motion in the picture.

The same with this one they have all moved even though its just slightly the woman by the door wasn't in the previous one.
 A desisive moment is when a photographer picks there frame and just waits to pick there action shot like "the man jumping over the puddle just before world war 2" Many photographer's would have to wait around and just watch there frame and wait for there action shot to come and that is a disisive moment.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

edited pictures on iphoto

In this picture I boosted the colour and blurred the edge.

I refined this picture and then blackend out the edge to give it a sort of james bond type theme.

I made this picture black and white and blured it more.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Portfolio title: photoshoot
Target audience: Everyone
Theme: nature
Presentation medium: put it on my blog 
Portfolio goals and objectives:
• What does the project aim to do? the project is to show people nature within crawley.
• What effect do you want to have on the audience? To show that nature is not something to be taken for granted
• Is there a question you are exploring? Can nature still have its natural beauty in pictures?
Portfolio description: Explain the types of images the portfolio will contain, such as:
• Landscape

Location and resources:
• Where will your images be taken? All around crawley
• What equipment will you need? A camera and nature.