Thursday, 20 January 2011


Can you find Image evidence of the technique? 
 When was it first discovered and by whom? It was first discovered in 1829 and was found by Louis J. M. Daguerre.

What is special about the technique? The daguerreotype was different from others because it was done on a mirror and you could only get one copy of it so it had to be right.

How does this technique work? Can you find or describe the processes needed to make it work? Maybe illustrate how it is made. The people that would be having there picture done would have to stay very still, and the image was not allowed to be expossed to certain light for a while and was then transfered onto a plate and then was dipped in hyposulphite of soda, often called "fixer" or "hypo".
 Can you comment how important this technique has been for the history of photography. For example was it popular and is it still used today? It was very important and after a while there were many Daguerreotype studios and many people came from many different places just o have there portrait done. Some photographers use the Daguerreotype but it is not that popular especially after it was replaced in the late 1850's by emulsion plates.