Thursday, 17 February 2011

Colour photography

1) can you find Image evidence of the technique? - 

2) When was it first discovered and by whom? - 
James Clerk Maxwell is credited with the first colour photograph in 1861. His technique is still the basis of colour photography today. The first color plate made from Autochrome,reached the market in 1907. It was based on a 'screen-plate' filter made of dyed dots of potato starch and was invented by French Lumière brothers.n 1935, American Kodak introduced the first modern (integrated tri-pack) color film, Kodachrome, based on three colored emulsions

3) What is special about the technique? - what is so special about this technique is that it can show the true colours oif where it was taken and instead of having black and white.. it is very clever and is amazing on how much it is used. almost every picture you will see now is in colour and you can edit them into different colours... 

4) How does this technique work? Can you find or describe the processes needed to make it work? Maybe illustrate how it is made. - the inventer Maxwell showed that if you take 3 B&W slides taken through a Red, Green and Blue filters, then project those same slides back through the three filters you get a colour picture. the three colours are dyer layers within the film, there is a B&W layer that takes the photograph and then acts as an contatc print...

5) Canyou comment how important this technique has been for the history of photography. For example was it popular and is it still used today? - this technique is so important for everyone now. it has taken a big part in peoples lifes and now they live around colour photography. it has been used ever since it got invented and up to this day is still used massivly.

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