Thursday, 3 March 2011

Research and Plan for film poster

  1. Is the movie title prominently featured? Is the text easy to read? The text is easy to read and the text is big so we can read the title and it is good the way the 'GO' sort of slants as if it is to much of a strain to Just go with it.
  2. Are the main actors shown? If so, which ones? Yes the main actors are shown both there names and a picture of them. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are great in this movie.
  3. What is the design of the movie poster? Does it accurately reflect the mood and tone of the film? The poster has the two main actors at the front of the poster and you automatically know that the film is going to be a comedy because it has Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in it. It is a very bright and on a beach so you know that its not going sinister or evil.
  4. What other images are included? What do you notice about the framing of the images? Another actress is in the background walking away from them but it looks as if she is coming between them. The main actors and actresses are in the main shot.
  5. What text is shown on the poster? Is there a catchy slogan? If so, what does it tell you about the movie's story? The Title of the film and the date of the release of the film and the actors names with a slogan. 'Sometimes a guy's best wingman, is a wingwoman.' The slogan tells us that instead of a bloke helping another bloke to get a date its a woman helping a bloke.
  6. Is there any other important information included on the poster? The poster is catchy and really simple so people can remember it and its not all crawded.
  7. Why do/don't you think this movie poster is persuasive?I think this movie poster is persuasive because the actors that are shown on the poster and you know it is going to be a funny film and the picture is very bright and sunny because they are on a beach and the slogan makes you curious as to what she is going to help him with.

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