Thursday, 3 March 2011

Research and plans for film Poster

  1. Is the movie title prominently featured? Is the text easy to read? Yes the title of the film is featured on the poster but it doesn't really pop out at you. The text is alright to read its not that easy but you can read it.
  2. Are the main actors shown? If so, which ones? None of the main characters are shown on this poster accept for there name at the bottom in small writing.
  3. What is the design of the movie poster? Does it accurately reflect the mood and tone of the film? The poster is designed to make you wonder what is behing that bit of material, it is quite a dark poster and it gives you the idea that the thing behind the material is dark and sinister and not a character that you don't want to meet.
  4. What other images are included? What do you notice about the framing of the images? There is no other image on the poster but it is framed around the eye in the centre of the poster.
  5. What text is shown on the poster? Is there a catchy slogan? If so, what does it tell you about the movie's story? The name of the film is on the poster and there is a slogan in smaller writing at the top of the picture. The slogan says 'Whats eating you?' which tells us that there is something that is oing to try and eat someone.
  6. Is there any other important information included on the poster? No there isn't just peoples names at the bottom.
  7. Why do/don't you think this movie poster is persuasive? I don't  think it is that persuasive because it doesn't tell you anything about the film really.

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